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Video marketing for business and Nonprofits

Video marketing for business and Nonprofits

Video marketing for business and NonprofitsVideo marketing for business and Nonprofits

Video Production and Marketing for Nonprofits


Do you need more people to care about what you do?

 Do you want to reach a broader audience…

and inspire people to support you on an ongoing basis?

Moving Pixels Video helps nonprofits influence hearts and minds
and increase donations


Engage Your Audience with These Types of Videos


  • Storytelling – Reach influential donors by telling your story from a client’s perspective. Let them see who you help and how they benefit. 
  • Thank you – Express your thanks to donors and volunteers for their commitment. Make them feel appreciated. 
  • Social sharing – Create a series of short vignettes for posting on social media so your viewers can follow a client on his/her journey. Make it compelling and watch it go viral!
  • Document your events to share with the community
  • Keep in touch with your current donors. Include a video in your emails to inspire loyalty and repeat giving.  Acquiring new donors is costlier than nurturing your base.


How to get a sponsor for your nonprofit video

 We know the challenges organizations face with fundraising. With their limited budgets, nonprofits often don’t have the funds for a professional video production. The answer to this conundrum? We asked a nonprofit consultant who says, find a sponsor.  But how? Read the interview to find out what motivates a big-name sponsor.


Getting Started on Your Video

Every nonprofit is unique, that's why we don't offer cookie-cutter packages. We strive to understand your mission, who you serve and what motivates your donors. Then we create a custom video so your brand shines through. 

Before we begin to create a marketing video for your nonprofit, we want to get to  know you. Start by filling out our Discovery Form (click the butto below) Then we’ll schedule an appointment to sit down with you to develop a strategy for your video. We can make your story come alive!

What Clients Say

 "Working with Allen and Lanny was a terrific experience, from start to finish.  The process, the communication, the follow-through--all so professional.  And the video they put together for us truly captures the essence, the energy and the spirit of our work and our people. We are so pleased with the end product!"  

Chris Argenziano,  

Board President, Cancer Support Sonoma


Marketing Your Video for Greater Influence (ROI)

 Nonprofit organizations often ask us how to maximize the success of their videos. That’s where our video marketing specialist comes in. She will help you develop a strategy for getting greater visibility for your video via social media. You can reach thousands of viewers, drive more traffic to your website, and increase donations. Call us to learn more.