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Video marketing for business and Nonprofits

Video marketing for business and Nonprofits

Video marketing for business and NonprofitsVideo marketing for business and Nonprofits

Meet our video marketing specialists


We're storytellers with solid experience in video creation, marketing and communications. Now we’re using our  expertise to help you benefit from the strategy that has helped so many companies and nonprofit organizations exceed their goals: Video Marketing

Producr/Director Allen Bronstein

Allen Bronstein - Producer/Director

An award-winning videographer and documentary filmmaker, Allen has  worked with some brands you may have heard of: Google, E-Bay and Foster  Farms. He has also produced two award-winning nature videos under the  Magic Journey Cinema label, and he is the author of Make iPhone Movies  Everybody Loves. In addition to his commercial work, Allen has been  creating legacy and biography videos for families under the auspices of a San Francisco Bay Area hospice  organization.

Writer/producers Lanny Udell

Lanny Udell - Writer/Co-Producer


Lanny, aka Copywhiz, is a marketing communications writer serving corporate clients and nonprofits. In addition to scripting videos and assisting with production, she specializes in SEO website content, blogs and online marketing. Lanny works with businesses and nonprofits in the SF Bay Area and beyond.  Her other passions include Argentine Tango and photography.